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Minecraft 1.8, Bukkit and more!

Probably, a lot of people is asking themselves and even more people is asking me :D Where is MCreator for Minecraft 1.8, where is BCreator and so on. Here are some things I have to tell you. Don't worry, these are not bad news ;). Hit read more to see am I talking about.

Modifications made using MCreator with the best rating

Acraft-minecraft mod 1.7.2


Vegeterian Mod | More ways to make food!


More Dimension Mod


Deathlands[BETA 0.01]


Dark Roleplay

Killer Unicorns's picture

Clothes Plus


MCreator has brand new trailer!

You might have already noticed but those who didn't... MCreator has new trailer! It's even more rad than the two old ones. It also has special message and joined the best of the best mods from the mod of the week contest. If you wan't to find out more and to see the trailer, hit read more!

MCreators wiki update

Some users might have noticed that Wiki was in status of revamping for last four weeks. Now it isn't anymore but we are still working to improve it. On the wiki, you can find a lot of useful articles that can really help you to improve your MCreator knowledge. If you would like to see the list of contrubutors that helped to update the wiki, hit read more.

Making Advanced Digging Machine with MCreator 1.5

The best Minecraft mod maker. Mod making tool. Digger Mod.

With MCreator 1.5 came a lot of new feautures like tokens, global variables, improved events and much more. Some things are quite complicated if you are beginner with MCreator and even some advanced users might find this difficult. That's why we have created our first official tutorial - how to make digging machine with GUI using any version of MCreator above (including) 1.5. If you want to see the tutorial and get the workspace, click read more.